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Sepas Award Recipients Announced (Sep 24, 13)



(Toronto, Canada) Today, on the 11th anniversary of the Iranian Queer Voice Celebration Week, the Sepas Group is honoured to announce the 2013 award recipients in recognition and appreciation of their contribution to the Iranian queer community/cause.


Dr. Arash Naraghi for his series of publications and article on homosexuality.

Dr. Victoria Tahmasebi for her long time support of queer issues and Iranian queers in her academic field.

Aghaliyat Magazine for being an active queer online magazine and raising awareness about Iranian queer human rights and social life.

Ms. Shohreh Solati for her public support toward Iranian queers


The members of Sepas Group board of directors congratulate all award recipients and nominees for what they have done and encourage them to get involved in the cause more than before for a brighter tomorrow.  



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