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Tara Inanloo

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Born in 1989 in Tehran, Iran, Tara Inanloo was raised up in a country which she did not have the right to express herself. She started her professional career as a photographer by the time she was seventeen.  She believes that she was grown up drowning in between so many lies and dishonesties. She finds it quite difficult to be in a country that everything she believes in; is against the norms of the society. "It is not easy to grow up pretending to be a non-existent creature," she said in an interview with the Guardian news.

As an artist who was born in Iran, Inanloo has been having so much of limitations in her works. However, she has always tried to be an outlaw and cross the boundaries.

To push the boundaries to the side, it was best for her to move. To another place where she could turn down the bursting flames of her desires. Therefore she moved to England to continue studying photography and work on areas of her desire. She was graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2010.

During her studies she did several fashion and music photography projects with well-known designers, musicians and queers. However she is mainly focused on her self-portraits at the moment. She disguises and represents the different people that she discovers inside herself.

According to Aljazeera English TV her most well-known project is called Illegal Images. She appears as a nude blonde siren wearing only bright red lipstick, nail polish and a necklace. She looks similar to Marlyn Monroe in that series as stated by Bloomberg News.

Bloomberg news had also said: She invites the spectator to gaze at her image, at the prohibited body of an Iranian woman. These images will challenge the viewer, since she is depicting Iranian women in a different way from what the world has seen so far through the work of Iranian photographers.

Disguising and creating different characters has become a daily part of Inanloos life. She photographed herself in different disguises as a Wag, as a bluestocking, as an innocent, as a whore as a transvestite...

Tanya Gold (the feature writer of the year at the British press awards 2010) recalls Inanloo as the Iranian Cindy Sherman. However, Inanloo said, Ive been called as Iranian Cindy Sherman by so many people since I remember. I believe that Shermans works are so unique that no one should be ever compared to her. However I am so privileged to be called like that.

Inanloo has been also recalled as a queer-feminist and LGBT activist by western media. However she states:

I care about human rights in general. Thus I am concerned about women and LGBTs as I consider them as a part of society who have been getting humiliated, tortured and persecuted in a country such as Iran and so many other places in the world. However I would still continue the lines by confirming that I do not consider myself weather as a queer-feminist or an LGBT activist but just as a person who has been caring about some of the simplest rights of humanity.

Today, she can no more go back to Iran and she lives in exile. I believe wherever Id be, I belong to a world that has been created in my head and in that beautiful world there is no sense of gender identity or boundaries... she says.

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ѐی ѐ ی : " ی ی یی ی . ی یی ی ژی ٔ ϐ ژ یی ی ی ی ژی ݘ ی ی ."

یی јی ʡ ی ی ϐی ی . ی ی ژ یی : ی ޘ ی ی ی ی ی...

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