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2011 Award Nominees Announced (Aug 10, 11)


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(Toronto, Canada) The Sepas Group is pleased to announce their 2011 award nominees in recognition and appreciation of their contribution to the Iranian queer community/cause as followed:


The nominees in Applied Art Award category are:

A) Amir Hossein - Graphic Design

B) Elahe Nejat Web Design


The nominees in Fine Art Award category are:

A) Najva Soleimani - Visual Photography

B) Tara Inanloo Fashion Photography 


The nominees in Performing Art Award category are:

A) Mahshad Torkan Cul De Sac (movie)

B) Armen Ra - Theremin (music)


The nominees in Activism Award category are:

A) Hossein Alizadeh - Queer Rights

B) Mahshid Rasti Women Rights


The nominees in Media Award category are:

A) Gay City News - Newspaper

B) Hamideh Aramideh TV (Voice of America)


The nominees in Writing Award category are:

A) Reza Pesar - Weblog

B) Saviz Shafaei - Poetry


The nominees in International Award category are:

A) Philipp Braun Queer Rights

B) Doug Ireland Journalism


 The Sepas Group will announce the 2011 award recipients on August 30th after reviewing and consulting their work and its impact.


Sepas Award Group



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