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Mahshid Rasti

The Activism Award Winner

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Mahshid Rasti is a human rights activist in the fields of Women, Children and queers. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden. It was 1995 that Mahshid find out about homosexuality and queer rights for the first time and since then she started her volunteer work at an Iranian homosexual organization at the time named Homan and shortly after, she became their spokesperson.

She met Saviz Shafaei, the first Iranian gay activist, in Stockholm when he traveled there for a conference during the Pride week. She consider this meeting one of her honours in her life.

Since 2000, Mahshid started to update her weblog that is "Zananeha" (means Womanhood) and queer issue is one of her serious topics.

Zananeha is one of the old Iranian weblogs and it is still active. Mahshid is receiving a lot of hateful messages because of her support toward queer community but she does not care about it much.

The happiest time for Mahshid is when someone is changing his/her attitude and become queer friendly.

Today Mahshid with sixteen years experience as a queer activist and nine years blogging is pretty much fresh and serious about minority rights.   

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